Growtheater renewal


Growtheater, our overseas M&A and startup investment platform, has been renewed to provide information gathered from our global network and to provide consistent support from deal sourcing to closing.

Growtheater's purpose

As the pandemic are converging, more companies are considering investment in overseas companies as well as M&A as a growth strategy. However, they often face challenges such as a lack of networks and language barriers to global communication. Growtheater hence provides a consistent support from deal sourcing to closing, helps promote smooth business strategies through investment in and M&A with overseas companies.  

What is Growtheater?

Growtheater is a service that supports business development through investment and M&A. It provides one-stop support from searching for investment and M&A targets, mainly overseas, to closing the deal. A diverse range of investment and M&A deals can be searched, and the service is characterised not only by simple matching, but also by advisory services provided by experts.

Main functions

  • Free support from searching for deal information to set up the first meeting
  • Japanese/English support
  • Automatic notification of deals that match your needs

Fee structure:

In principle, there is no charge for viewing deals, participating in events, making enquiries and arranging the initial meeting