Greetings from the new President of Technology Seed Incubation Co., LTD


11 November 2021

Our warmest regards to everyone who has been supporting us.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support.
I am pleased to announce that I have resigned from the position of Representative Director and have been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your kindness and support over the years since the establishment of our predecessor.
We are a company that uses all the resources inside and outside of the Social Impact Solutions Group to support start-ups as well as to create new businesses.
Therefore, it is important to have young people who are always flexible and have new ideas to lead the company.
I am confident that Mr. Takayuki Kumagai, our new Chief Director, will be able to tackle this task with such awareness.
Once again, thank you for your continued support.

                   Technology Seed Incubation Co., LTD
Chairman Hiroyuki Ohnishi

I would like to have this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for your kindness.
I am honoured to announce that I, Takayuki Kumagai, will be appointed as Representative Director at the Board of Directors meeting on November 11th.
The business environment in which we operate is changing rapidly and I am keenly aware of the importance of my responsibilities.
We would like to ask for your continued support as we strive to be a company that is useful to society.

             Technology Seed Incubation Co., LTD
Representative Director Takayuki Kumagai