"Go above and beyond frameworks"

According to the 2020 World Competitiveness Yearbook created by IMD (International Institute for Management Development), Japan's competitiveness ranked in the 34th out of 63 countries from which questionnaire surveys could be collected.

Considering the fact that Japan ranked 1st from 1989when the survey was started until 1992, it must be said that this is a significant drop.

However, looking around the world, it seems that the competitiveness of each country has little to do with the development of new businesses, and that people who can do it wherever possible are still thriving.

From the standpoint of practicing and supporting business development, I think it is the most exciting thing when it comes to developing borderless, gender-free and diverse businesses that go beyond all frameworks and prejudices.

Please look forward to TSI, as we continue to challenge ourselves everyday.

Technology Seed Incubation Co., Ltd
Chief Executive Officer
Hiroyuki Ohnishi


Chief Executive Officer
Hiroyuki Ohnishi

In charge of new business creation as Sendai branch manager and business investment team leader at Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd. In 2002, he established Technology Seed Incubation, the predecessor of the current TSI, and became the Chief Executive Officer. He has decided on the investment of IPO companies including Nihon ESLEAD, Takasho, JSS, SHOEI, Refinverse, etc. He acquired Ion Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd., which was established by NEDO, succeeded in regeneration and commercialisation. He became the Chairman of the Board of Director at Ion Technology Center Co., Ltd., as well as Audit & Supervisory Board Member of Axiohelix Co., Ltd. He has profound experience in all aspects of company management, from venture investment, new business, start-up, to acquisition, revitalisation, business closure, and company sale.

Director - Manager of Tokyo Office
Takayuki Kumagai

Manager of the Tokyo Office. Ph.D. in Engineering at Osaka University. Majored in Optical and solid-state physics. He gave presentations at both domestic and international conferences while conducting research with Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC1) at Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and received several academic awards. He has experience in participating in university’s venture start-up while studying at University, and was highly awarded/ became a finalist in venture contests. Previously worked at a trading company specialised in optical equipment、now working as an incubation producer, in charge of venture investment, business development consulting and M&A. CEO of JAVIS Ventures.

Incubation Producer
Kenta Higuchi

Graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University. After working in R&D at a lubricating oil manufacturer, he was in charge of the biomedical field as an industry-academia-government collaboration coordinator at universities and public research institutes. Engaged in various tasks such as finding new seeds, supporting fundraising, and matching with companies. After joining TSI, he has been in charge of the bio-agriculture field, conducting business match-ups for SMEs and venture companies. In the agroforestry field, he is in charge of the Agriculture and Forestry Growth Industrialisation Support Fund. START (Program for Creating STart-ups from Advanced Research and Technology) Business Promoter

Incubation Producer
Kozue Kawao

MBA at Graduate school of Business, Univ. of Hyogo. Registered small enterprise consultant. In the real estate industry, she worked as a business consultant to support SMEs with building business plans, fund-raising, and building HR evaluation systems. After joining TSI, she has been in charge of business matching and corporate support for small and medium-sized enterprises and venture companies. He is also engaged in entrepreneurship support achievements at entrepreneurship support bases in Kobe City and as a START (Program for Creating STart-ups from Advanced Research and Technology) business promoter.

TRAN Hoai Nhu Khue (Keira)

Completed a double bachelor's degree in Law from Soka University and the University of Buckingham (UK). She has been involved in several projects including M & A advisory and funding support for domestic and foreign startups. With legal background and experience in a multicultural environment, she is in charge of planning and managing joint events with overseas partners, as well as communicating with overseas partners and clients. START (Program for Creating STart-ups from Advanced Research and Technology) Assistant.

Yoshiki Sasaki
Chief Executive Officer of Social Impact Solutions Co., Ltd.

Sales manager and engineer at Hitachi, Ltd. (Steel rolling plants, FA systems). After working as an industrial consultant at SRI International (Stanford Research Institute), he became a director at Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd. in 1996, and became a managing director of its overseas headquarters in 1998. He has been the CEO of Japan Strategic Investment Co., Ltd since 2004. During his tenure at JAIC, he invested in Alibaba.com, Saigon Securities, etc.

Hironori Namiki
CEO of Kyobashi Mentec Co., Ltd.

CEO of Kyobashi Mentec Co., Ltd. Auditor at Kyoto Innovation Resource (NPO). Management committee member at The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Kansai Branch. Advisor at KEIKIKAI. Councilor of the Alumni Association of Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering.

Ari Ektessabi Ide
Chief Technology Advisor

Honorary professor at Kyoto University. Established and became the Representative of Advanced Imaging Research Institute in April 2018. His specialty is processing and analysing technology using particle beam, as well as analysis/imaging/preservation of cultural properties.

Hideki Suzuki
CEO of Tsucrea Co., Ltd.

Worked at Selkon Co., Ltd., (currently named as KAWASHIMA SELKON TEXTILES CO,LTD.) and in charge of sale planning. Engaged in consulting services for hospitals at Contax Co., Ltd. (medical management consulting company). Project leader for establishment support and innovation management support at Business Innovation Center Osaka. After being in charge of fund management and incubation facility management as a director at Technology Seed Incubation Co., Ltd., (the predecessor of the current TSI), he became the representative director of Tsucrea Co., Ltd. Currently in charge of software content as an executive officer of TSI.

M&A Advisory Business
Yasuo Mitani
CEO of YMA Co., Ltd.

Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Osaka University and joined the Industrial Bank of Japan. After retirement, he served at M&A Department of a brokerage company, an independent M&A specialised company, in charge of M&A strategic plan in a business firm, and was appointed CEO of a subsidiary of an IPO M&A advisory company. He joined TSI April 2019 and is in charge of TSI’s M&A Advisory business. He is also a part-time lecturer at Doshisha University Graduate school of Business, Department of Business Research (In charge of Accounting – Financial Research).

General Advisor
Hiroshi Sasaki

Engaged in shipbuilding, power generation, and infrastructure plant projects at Nissho Iwai Co., Ltd. (the current Sojitz Corporation). During 13 years in the United States, he has made numerous negotiations with international financial institutions including IFC and ADB through investment in project finances and infrastructure businesses. Joined Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd. in 1999 and consistently handled investment fund planning, investor recruitment, investment, sales, and fund settlement operations. A director of Japan Strategic Investment Co., Ltd. an Tsucrea Co., Ltd.