Business development support through our global network

Global Business Expansion Advisory

  • ● Cross-border M&A between overseas companies that wish to grow by incorporating Japanese capital and Japanese companies that wish to expand their business overseas
  • ● Technology related M&A based on a deep understanding of both technology and business
Venture Investment
  • ● Offering a wide ranging of services including strategy development, target search, DD, and signing agreement
  • ● Support for performance monitoring, portfolio management, and exit
Consultation for
Business Expansion
  • ● Consultation on business development strategies
  • ● Setting up meetings with potential partners and negotiation support
  • ● Local entity establishment and localization support
  • ● Local market trend research and overseas expansion possibility research by utilising overseas network
  • ● Research & Analysis on potential clients, distributors, and partners
  • ● Commercialisation possibility research based on deep insight regarding technology and primary information
  • ● Traslate English, Vietnamese, and Indonesian to Japanese
  • ● Best for traslation of a company broucher, a service broucher, financial statement, and other business related document
Cover Area:
Japan, South East Asia (Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia), and Africa (Nigeria, Kenya)

Incubation Business

  • ● Comprehensive support until closing for fundraising from investors in Japan and across Southeast Asia
  • ● Support business expansion post-fundraising including partner acquiring, negotiation, and performance management
  • ● Batch-based comprehensive support for startups seeking fundraising and business expansion opportunities into the Japanese market
  • ● Package support composed by seminars, 1-on-1 mentoring, pitch training, and demo day
  • ● Comprehensive support until deal closing
Business Development /
Japanese Localisation
  • ● Support overseas companies to expand to Japan with our business support and business management experience
  • ● Japanese localisation of latest overseas products and services

Data Hub

A platform that connects overseas companies and Japanese companies for the purpose of cross-border M&A and capital tie-ups. Specialised advisory service provided up until closing stage.
Growtheater web site
Platform for contest management operations such as acceleration programs. One tool for everything from form creation, application collection, judging, and email communication.
Contestiva Web Site


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