Three types of Services provided by TSI
to create a future dream society through business development

Advisory Business

  • ● Cross-border M&A between overseas companies that want to grow by incorporating Japanese capital and Japanese companies that want to expand their business overseas
  • ● Technical M&A based on a deep understanding of both technology and business
  • ● Comprehensive support from business model formulation to investor introduction, negotiation, and closing
  • ● Supports fundraising from all over the world, both domestically and internationally
  • ● Commercialisation possibility research based on deep insight technology and primary information
  • ● Local market trend survey and overseas expansion possibility survey by utilising overseas network

Incubation Business

Commercialisation support
- Venture investment
  • ● Comprehensive support for commercialisation (mainly targeting technology seeds), from pre-foundation business model formulation to searching and manager and business partners
  • ● Venture investment and business growth support mainly for the early stage from the time of establishment
HR Introduction
  • ● Recruitment support including HR management utilising our own network
Business Development /
Japanese Localisation
  • ● Support overseas companies to expand to Japan with our business support and business management experience
  • ● Japanese localisation of latest overseas products and services

Data Hub

A platform that connects overseas companies and Japanese companies for the purpose of cross-border M&A and capital tie-ups. Specialised advisory service provided up until closing stage.
Growtheater web site
Growtheater Connect
Provides overseas startup related information that is difficult to obtain from Japan
Growtheater Connect web site


  • M&A contract
    (Personal deal included)

    More than

  • Number of Startup supported
    / Invested in

    and more to come

  • Global network

    20 organisations
    in 15 countries

    and more to come

Group Investments

  • Chekkit Technologies Corp

  • OneHealth Pharmacy

Agriculture food

  • Haselab Co., Ltd.

  • ELFF inc.

Industry-specific fund

  • SMBC Agrifund

  • Kyoto Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Support Fund

  • Akafuji Farm Innovation fund