Investment in LOVST Tokyo


Technology Seed Incubation Co., Ltd (TSI) has recently invested in LOVST Tokyo Co., Ltd. (Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO Kaito Karasawa).

LOVST Tokyo was established with the purpose of offering a new lifestyle and a new opportunity for the new age. In particular, the company focuses on the concept of vegan fashion. The message of the company is to create a society where all living things and different values can coexist.

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A crowdfunding was launched in March for ultra-lightweight leather tote bags made from materials such as discarded apple cores and peels, and another crowdfunding was launched in July for leather backpacks made from apple skin, which achieved 220% of its target.


The multinational team, including CEO Karasawa, has a strong focus on SDG's.

TSI invested in the company in the hope that these socially conscious entrepreneurs will go on to become opinion leaders in the world.

A pop-up store has been planned to be opened at Marui Yurakucho in September as follows:

■Event Title:
『Inclusion×Entrepreneurs weaving the future generation feat.taliki』~Our future, starting with food~ (Information will be available on Marui Yurakucho's website from September)

■Time:10th September 2021 (Fri) ~ 12th September 2021 (Sun)

■Location: Marui Yurakucho 1F Event space

LOVST Tokyo goes beyond vegetarianism and use as little as possible of animal-based material. Although the effort is not yet enough, however, they believe that the problems in need to be solved from various fields, for example, in agriculture, we cannot create a sustainable society unless we are aware of coexistence with wild animals.

TSI will continue to support start-ups that are following such global trend.