TSI is to launch Japan Connect Initiative, an inbound and outbound start-up support programme for Southeast Asia selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government


TSI, in collaboration with Tsucrea Co., LTD (Tsucrea), has been selected as a partner of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "TOKYO SUTEAM" project, is launching the “Japan Connect Initiative” (JCI), a program to support startups from Southeast Asian countries seeking to enter Japan, and start-ups from Japan seeking to enter Southeast Asian countries.

What does JCI do?

This program is a joint effort between Tsucrea and TSI, designed to support inbound and outbound startups in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore, with the aim of building a sustainable cross-border ecosystem in Tokyo - Southeast Asia by TSI.

Tsucrea and TSI, which have a proven track record of operating English-language acceleration programs and attracting overseas startups, as well as know-how and experience from 5,000 consultations for startups and 800 events per year, will collaborate to help create a unicorn from Tokyo that will tap into the growing global market.
※The details of the program will be announced separately.

【Inbound support】

Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, and Singaporean startups considering expansion to Tokyo
Number of companies: 8 (2 companies x 4 countries)
Types of support : 
Seminars, mentoring, pitching events, business matching, negotiation support, etc.

【Outbound support】

Tokyo-based startups considering expansion into Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore
Number of companies: 8 companies (2 companies x 4 countries)
Types of support:
Mentoring, pitching events, business matching, negotiation support, etc. by utilizing incubators, accelerators, and venture capitalists established in each country.

What is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s「TOKYO SUTEAM」?

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has launched a new "Boosting Tokyo's Startup Scene by Uniting Diverse Entities (TOKYO SUTEAM)" project this year to achieve the "10x10x10 Innovation Vision for the Future".

※What is 10x10x10: 10 times the number of unicorns from Tokyo, 10 times the number of startups created in Tokyo, and 10 times the number of collaborative practices by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 5 years.

This project aims to support the creation and growth of startups by encouraging initiatives that leverage the ideas, networks, fields, etc. of various players (diverse entities) that support startups.
Entities who have been selected to work with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to support startups will, in principle, provide startup support for a period of one year and six months.

For more information on TOKYO SUTEAM: https://tokyosuteam.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/en/

TSI has supported many overseas startups entering the Japanese market and Japanese startups entering the overseas market. In order to build a sustainable cross-border ecosystem between Tokyo and Southeast Asia, we will actively support startups who want to expand into Southeast Asia, and startups from Southeast Asia who want to expand into Japan from the initial stage.