Eight startups chosen for the [JCI - SEA Program Stream-]Accelerator Program supporting tartups from South East Asia to enter the Japanese market


Japan Connect Initiative (JCI), an accelerator program supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's TOKYO SUTEAM, run by Technology Seed Incubation Co., LTD (TSI), in collaboration with Tsucrea Co., LTD (Tsucrea), has selected eight startups for the JCI SEA Program Stream, a program to support startups from four South East Asian countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore) seeking to enter the Japanese market.

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The program held local information sessions in four Southeast Asian countries from 5th to 8th December 2023 and called for participating startups from 13rd November to 20th December 2023. Eight startups were selected to participate in the program after a meticulous document and interview screening process.
The selected startups will be accompanied by incubators and accelerators for approximately four months. JCI will provide seminars on entering the Japanese market and a huge range of support tailored to the startups’ business stage and industry. A Demo Day will be held in April with the participation of Japanese investors, followed by a full follow-up program including continuous hands-on support and matching support with Japanese companies, VCs and others until January 2025.

「JCI - SEA Program Stream-」Selected startups

Blitz Electric Mobility (Indonesia)
Blitz is a data-driven third-party logistics company that uses electric bikes and AI for delivery, with over 4,6 million deliveries made, over 40 active clients including DHL, Dominos, Paxel etc. and currently has 700+ EV units deployed and 700+ active couriers on the road.

Sequential -The Skin Microbiome Testing Co.
Sequential is a pioneer in cosmetic and pharma innovation with their in-vivo microbiome platform, powered by the innovative Sequential Patch™ technology, delivers precise microbiome analysis. This sets new standards for microbiome-focused skincare solutions, and meets the demand for science-based claims in the cosmetic industry.

Surplus Indonesia(Indonesia)
Surplus provides an online platform for the food and beverage industry to purchase unsold food, beverages, and surplus produce at discounted prices with the vision of creating a "food waste" free environment. The company provides impact reports that visualize the contribution of users.

Finhay (Vietnam)
Finhay operates a licensed digital investment platform in Vietnam and offers HayInsights, a stock market database for Japan. It provides an AI-integrated platform that allows semi-wealthy individuals to invest easily and seamlessly in multiple financial products including savings, investments, and insurance. The company serves more than 250,000 customers in Vietnam.

HelloWorld Robotics pioneers autonomous last-mile delivery solutions, utilizing self-driving ground-based robots for food and grocery platforms. Their design include cost-effective L4 autonomous driving systems, customizing existing vehicles for autonomy. Their lidar-based delivery robots, TARS, operate under all weather conditions at L4 autonomy level, costing under $5000.

Ailytics develops and provides systems for construction safety management through cutting-edge video analytics. The system reduces manual site inspections by 50% and detects 7 times more hazards.
With its patented 2D-3D mapping algorithm, the solution is hardware-independent and powerful even in harsh conditions, such as small objects, extreme weather conditions, and unstable surveillance cameras.

SmartPeep offers an AI elderly-sitting system by utilizing AI to predict and pre-emptively alert the elderly of danger with features such as fall detection, bed-exit detection, and bedsore monitoring based on information from cameras and thermal sensors. With blurry visual alerts and no video recording, the system makes it easy to ensure privacy and 24/7 care, and helps reduce costs for healthcare providers.

Neeuro Pte. Ltd.(Singapore)
Neeuro's vision is to develop innovative products that empower people to live happier, healthier and more productively through the use of neurotechnology (EEG hardware), gamification (software apps) and artificial intelligence (insights into the brain). The company is backed by Singapore government's institutions. especially with its national research institute Agency for Science, Research and Technology.

Local partners

My Startr (Malaysia)
40u40 (Indonesia)
BA Partners Pte Ltd (Singapore)

What is「Japan Connect Initiative (JCI) -SEA Program Stream」?

The Japan Connect Initiative (JCI) is an accelerator program designed to create a sustainable cross-border ecosystem between Tokyo and Southeast Asia. It aims to support startups looking to expand from four Southeast Asian countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia to Japan, as well as startups from Japan who wish to expand to these four Southeast Asian countries.

JCI-SEA Program Stream supports startups from four Southeast Asian countries aiming to enter the Japanese market. Utilizing our experience in running accelerator programs for overseas startups and supporting their entry into Japan, it contains a full follow-up program including continuous hands-on support and matching support.


In pursuit of the “10×10×10 Innovation Vision” (10 times the number of unicorns from Tokyo, 10 times the number of startups created in Tokyo, and 10 times the number of collaborative practices by the TMG in 5 years), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has launched the “TOKYO SUTEAM” project. This project aims to support the creation and growth of startups by encouraging initiatives that leverage the ideas, networks, fields, etc. of various players (diverse entities) that support startups.